Prizm Tattoo


Kelli, owner/artist, established Prizm Tattoo in 1997 in the small town of Mora, Minnesota. At that time, there few tattoo shops and even fewer female artists and it was very rare for a female to own a tattoo shop. It was an exciting venture to start and almost 20 years later the fun still continues! Terri, artist/piercer, joined the team in 2005 and is an awesome asset to the shop. Kelli & Terri are well rounded as artists and do anything from small tattoos to cover ups to very large scale work. They also are very customer orientated and are aware that listening and advising a client is the first step to a good tattoo. The shop has a very relaxed atmosphere and is welcoming to everyone.

Prizm Tattoo is usually open during the listed hours but be sure to give a call to check because once in awhile there are super fun things going on in the outside world that need attention. Appointments are recommended but same day appointments can be accommodated most of the time.


125 East Forest Ave

Suite Three

Mora, MN 55051





Noon to 6pm


by appt. only

Winter Hours:

Tues. thru Fri.

noon to 5pm


by appt. only